Special Clubs

First Premier Club

This elite club is designed for adults 50 years of age and over. First Premier offers complimentary checks for your checking account, free cashier’s checks and personal money orders, free photocopies, a free lamination per month, and a $3.00 discount on safe deposit boxes among other great features. A deposit relationship of $1,500 is required and a $20.00 annual fee per person or $30.00 per couple is assessed each June. The First Premier Club also offers a picnic and a Christmas party for club members.

Kids 1st Account 

There are many important “Firsts” in a child’s life that bring parents so much joy. Their first smile, first word and first tooth are all big milestones in your child’s life.  Truth be told, they are exciting moments in your life (lives?) as well.  However, these are “firsts” that will happen on their own.  Other, equally as important “firsts” in their lives will require your help….like opening their First Bank Account. 

In the realm of protecting and providing for your children, it should be a “first” by the time you celebrate the first time they slept all night long!   First National Bank & Trust has an account designed just for children, age 0+ to 12 years old.  There is no minimum balance required and your child receives a piggy bank at account opening.  Every year of eligibility, your child will receive a card on the anniversary of their “Kids 1st Account” being opened, reminding both you and your child of what great “first” that was.  The bank will also include a $2 bill to represent what you two started and what we hope is the life lesson learned, that the good habit of saving will allow your child the opportunities to achieve and accrue many other….wonderful “firsts”. 

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